Dowling Homes: No.1 Home Builders in Adelaide

Dowling Homes is Australia’s No.1 home builders in Adelaide that specialises in home extensions, home renovations, and building new homes.

Meet the great minds behind the Dowling Homes and why they have come to be the number one in the home building industry in Adelaide.

Dowling Homes: Building Homes, Transforming Lives

We have witnessed how our work have made a difference in the lives of those whom we helped build their homes in the way they live, and how their families can live, and go from a house that’s dark and cramped and out of date to one that’s happy and spacious and light filled.

It’s not just rewarding but it’s a fulfilling experience seeing how we have helped transform people’s lifestyles. It’s pretty awesome.

Home Builders with a Great Team

At Dowling Homes, we have a fantastic team who have great expertise, respect each other, and they work really well together and that’s a great recipe that makes us a successful business.

home builders Adellaide

Our staff are not treated like they’re cogs in a big machine. They are really talented builders, savvy staff who work really well together and also do their best to help our customers.

If a problem arises on site, the team swings into action and it’s solved quickly and easily, and that’s the sign of a great team.

Our Home Building Projects

We have built many fabulous homes in the whole of Adelaide.

Dowling Homes are also the renovation specialists. You don’t need to find two separate home builders. We’ll take care of your house renovation as well as your house extension.

We can usually get a start on the renovating part of the project while drawings and council approvals are being finalised. This often means your project can begin quickly, and the length of the build time can be reduced.

View examples of our work by clicking on the images below.

Home Extensions Builders Adelaide
Home Extensions Builders Adelaide
Home Renovations Builders Adelaide
Home Renovations Builders Adelaide
Upper Storey Builders
Upper Storey Builders


Keep watching the Dowling Homes blog or visit Dowling Homes Facebook page. It’s where we put all the cool stuff – videos, images and design tips and tricks to inspire you.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
“I Couldn’t be happier …”
– Kay
“If we ever build again – we know where to come …”
– Sue
“It has been a pleasure doing business …”
– David
“This is a great way to live, at last …”
– George
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